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1 Corinthians 9:25

1 Corinthians 9:25

Fundraising, Financial Aid, & Other Financial Assistance

Crossfire understands the financial strain that fees associated with travel volleyball can have. We hope that these fees will not discourage parents from allowing youth participation and we will make a declaration to work with each of you in any way that we can. With the increase in region fees, tournament entries, uniform costs and gym fees we work diligently to not pass those fees over to you, however not all costs can be covered so let us help you get them covered.


Athletes will participate in at least two fundraisers this season. We plan to have our players participate in our 5th annual Serve-A-Thon pre-season fundraiser. The money raised from this fundraiser will be subtracted from the athlete's total season cost. Athletes will collect pledges for two weeks beginning at signing. The Serve-A-Thon will take place before the 2nd payment will be due. Information for this fundraiser will be provided at Club Signing Night.

The 2nd fundraiser is TBD

Other fundraisers will be available


Crossfire will offer three separate discounts this season in which families may participate in any two of the three offered:

  • Reduction of total season fee by $50 by enrolling siblings in our programs. Each child's fee is reduced.
  • Reduction of total season fee by $25 for using last season's volleyball and not re-ordering.
  • Reduction of total season fee by $50 for paying in full at Club Signing Night (Region-National Teams Only)


We encourage all athletes to seek sponsorships to cover program costs. Crossfire is a non-profit organization and will provide a letter along with tax-exemption information to all businesses or individuals willing to donate or sponsor an athlete for the season. Sponsor donations can go directly to the club to cover a designated athlete's season costs, to the club to be used for overall costs, or to the individual to use for travel expenses not covered by the club fees. This season we are growing a sponsorship program by providing sponsors with give-backs for donating. We will host 5 levels of sponsorship - More about sponsoring our program and athletes can be found on our "Sponsorships" page.

Financial Aid

We have been so very fortunate to have received donations from a sponsor that has allowed us to offer small scholarships. For consideration, we ask that you send a written communication via email to [email protected] upon acceptance of your position with Crossfire to be considered. Once received, our appointed Board of Directors will review all entries and work to award the scholarships. In the correspondence with Crossfire please submit the following:

  • Player's Name & Participating Team
  • Parent's Name, Email Address, & Phone Number
  • A description of your current circumstances & an amount of fees that you are able to pay
  • A copy of financial statements may be requested from the Board of Directors for further review. 

Alternate Payment Plan

Crossfire will offer alternate payment plans to anyone that requests them. The alternate payment plan will reduce the amount owed each payment by simply extending the number of payments further through the season. This does not increase the total owed, but lowers the cost of each payment. 


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